Drinktendr Bartending and PDC goodness

Overall Recap of each project Iron Bartender!

Near complete wiring harness

Remember, this use to look like this:

Quick mounting to show off look / feel

I have to say, I’m rather happy how these turned out.  This will be mounted between the two legs protected by yet another sheet of acrylic for PDC.  I’m using hex head screws also to mount these since they just look so dang nice.  I had TAP plastics in Seattle do the holes and bends for me.  Chances are there is a plastic place near you that can do this for you.  With the bends and holes, it cost about $40 and they did two of them for me in an hour on a Saturday.  The blue plastic...

Back plane and inductor PCBs soldered up

Small and reduces the rat’s nest of wiring by creating these little puppies.  Everything has a little LED on it to show when it is on too.

drinktendr progress

If there is one thing I love, it is getting stuff done.  Here are all the parts for Drinktendr v3.5 and the new PCBs I had created to help aid in wire management.  One is just pure wire management (bottom left) and the other is to help aid in the load induction (bottom right).  The load induction suppressor PCB is designed to directly hook into the valve.    

Pouring from drunktender

One of my big things I love about drunktender is everything is off the shelf.  There are a few bits I’ve never really been happy with but lived with them.  I was recently told to design a better spout for the Microsoft PDC conference so this is what I came up with.  I did a quick test with what I have here and I easily put 20 1/4” tubes though the 2” pipe.  The white PVC is from the plumbing department and the grey PVC is from the electrical department.  I have an exploded and a loose connected version below...

Drunktender lives! A brief live demo.

Drunktender - A brief demo from Clint Rutkas on Vimeo. I used red and blue water to create purple water to demonstrate the functionality of the hardware and software.  Trust me, it has a wicked kick back.

Drunktender’s state: Functional and getting prettier

I’ve tested the software pretty heavily and I think it is feature complete.  I before I’m going to show off the code, I need to clean up my naming scheme on some stuff.  I changed my naming scheme for UI elements half way through so … yeah, oops. Here is the current UI, the graphics came from both Ian Hall and Jeff Couturier from 10volt Media.  Jeff really helped me out and whipped up a sweet magnifying glass while Ian did the glasses for me.  Note the glass effect with the whiskey glass.  I got graphics for both in...

WPF and making stuff pretty

I can thank my upbringing for demanding stuff looks good before anyone even sees it.  Appearance matters so how can one person make their application look good and have those styles and features be reusable?  First is to use Styles.  Styles much like CSS but are different.  With CSS in web pages, you can apply multiple styles to one element.  An example of this is <div class="foo bar awesomer" style="width: 1.2em">Clint is awesomer</div> With XAML, you can’t chain styles together but what you can do is create a hierarchy of styles.  Let me show you what I’m talking about in...

UI testing

I’ve been doing a decent amount of UI tweaking.  This is what I came up with.  Pour screen is a work in progress but the others I think are pretty near finalized.  The main screen is missing the top two in the video since the test account I’m using lacks an order history. Possible Pour Screen A quick UI run though on Drunktender