My Microsoft TechEd talk!

Session WPH 314 – Coding4Fun: Learning Windows Phone 7 Development by creating a robotic t-shirt cannon!

Almost 1 year rocking the empire

So yeah, I drank the Kool-Aid (It is blueberry flavored).  Performance reviews are coming up and I have to do my self-evaluation.  It got me thinking about working in general about stuff and how I’ve actually become a bigger fanboy of Microsoft than I was before I started working here. The culture is shockingly open.  I’ve had the chance to be on Channel 9 multiple times, most recently on This Week on Channel 9 and talk about what has been going on.  Rory Blyth gave me the first taste of it and I have to say I do love...

Windows 7 Multi-touch video

Freaking neat! Multi-Touch in Windows 7

Why are the Lazy Susans needed for the skateboard?

Why did I mount the skateboard axles on a lazy susan?  Hopefully HTML will let me explain this.  Imagine a top down view for the skateboard.   When neutral (not turning) the axles look like this: |----|   When turning in (lets say in is toward the top of the screen), the axles turn inward: /----\   When turning outward, the axles pivot the other way: \----/   And the pivoting wasn't a few millimeters, they rotate a inch so a fixed mount wouldn't work.  There may be a better solution out there but this was easy and could...

Creating your own portfolio

I've created a portfolio application a while back called Peace Love Code but have never really been happy with it.  It requires a code rebuild and the layout isn't terribly flexible. So time to fix this. I'm going to create, step by step, how to create your own code portfolio web application.  It will include caching, XML based file system, ability to reload it when the XML file is updated, and some form of a layout system.  In addition, it will support multiple languages so if I release a VB and c# version of an application, I can give both...

New skin / version live!

I just rocked the Casbah and released my new subtext skin live.  I'm going to update PeaceLoveCode tomorrow I think in an all out coding fest and make it XML data source driven.  Maybe record the entire process of coding it too while I'm at it.  Hopefully my mom won't request me to do any tasks but I think that is doubtful. As for the skin, I think there is still 2 more small CSS tweaks I want to do.  Make the blockquote element have some snazziness and I'm not 100% happy with the shading yet too. Source for this...

More parts ordered, this time for the Skateboard Segway

I ordered motors (E-150), a left and right gear box, and an AmpFlow Speed Control.  All of these parts can be bought from Battle Kits ( Why? It goes back to my attempt to get all off the shelf parts for this and adopt the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) acronym.  I want anyone to be able to go "click click click" the with minimal tools build this.