Improving a control–Windows Phone 7 Wheel Control

The wheel control, thanks to Rene Schulte for telling me what the term on the street was, is used in a few places in Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and Nick Randolph created a user control to mimic it.  It was great but needed a few little tweaks.  Nick did all the heavy lifting on this. Currently you can go to his blog entry on it here:  Windows Phone7 Wheel Control – Updated to get the most up to date version. What I did: Enabled flick gestures Removed a flicker on...

My Microsoft TechEd talk!

Session WPH 314 – Coding4Fun: Learning Windows Phone 7 Development by creating a robotic t-shirt cannon!

Creating more complex buttons in XAML

Ever look at a project and wonder how they got a epic button instead of the every day average one? There is an extremely easy way to do this in Expression Blend.  I’m also going to show the XAML on how to do it by hand however. Here is a normal button and an ellipse. XAML: <Ellipse Fill="White" Stroke="Black" Margin="139,68,0,0" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="105" Height="105"/> <Button Margin="248,68,238,0" Content="Button" VerticalAlignment="Top" Height="105"/> The button acts like a button but I want the ellipse to act like a button.  In Expression Blend, just...

Giant touch monitor, mmmmm

The St. Louis office got a nice toy for me to play with.  A giant touch capable LCD screen.  I think it can do multi-touch also but not 100% sure as of yet.  I’ll be whipping together some neat proof of concept applications for stuff that would be fun to play with on something so large. I’m thinking XNA, gravity pits, and comets.  Could do some neat stuff with WPF too! To test it out, I used my silverlight puzzle I did a bit ago.  I had a rather large sum of people stop at the door and...

Foam and graphs

I'm suffering a pretty wicked oscillation problem and I need to solve it.  What is happening is I need a rather large multiplier to get the skateboard to kick back up.  I realized I really didn't have any proper data logging built in so I just added in yet another text box on my diagnostic application. Now with this data, I can do pretty graphs like this with Excel (yes this is the first time I've ever done a graph with excel: Why care?  This allows me to possibly see how during...

Damn you google.

Some skater named Clint Malarchuk gets "hurt" playing hockey and he displaces me?  worst ... search engine ... ever.

Skateboard Segway placement ideas

I can shove battery packs semi creatively around.  I've been chatting with my dad (he's a tool and die maker) about the best way to keep this structurally sound.

Silverlight MS Surface Puzzle (like) demo

So I just finished up my Silverlight 1.1 2.0 project. The slider control, I borrowed from the Silverlight SDK. I'll package everything up once I get it to run without physically redistributing the SDK. I posted the source over at Peace Love Code or direct link. Use the Silverlight 2.0 Beta version, direct link for source. Run-times: Mac or Windows Silverlight Video Application