Coding4Fun T-Shirt Cannons

Been a tad quiet on the western front and that was due to working on a rather neat project.  I built two robotic t-shirt shooting cannons for the Mix 2010 conference powered by the Windows Phone 7 device. I’ve started a six-part series on Coding4Fun on how to build one of your own.

clint.sellout(new Job(Channel9, Microsoft));

A lot has happened in the past month.  The biggest is I’ll be leaving a great job and fun city to a different position within Microsoft.  I’ve joined the Channel9 ( team and will be regaining some of my developer street credit.  I’ll also be part online personality and have Coding4Fun under my wing too.  I’ll be borrowing Max Zuckerman’s old office too :-) Due to this new spot, I’ll also be moving to Seattle too!  I have some fun articles prepped up for Coding4Fun and as always, my work progress is typically documented on here if I’m...

Drunktender lives! A brief live demo.

Drunktender - A brief demo from Clint Rutkas on Vimeo. I used red and blue water to create purple water to demonstrate the functionality of the hardware and software.  Trust me, it has a wicked kick back.

Coding4Fun Book!

  Little close up! You can buy the Coding4Fun book at Amazon and get the source code at  Thanks O’Reilly Publishing!

MORE COWBELL, we need more windows mobile cowbell!

Just did an article on how to create a full blown cowbell windows mobile professional application over at Coding4Fun.  Shows how to do pInvoke calls, touch screen, image resizing (in source, not in article), resource embedding, creation and deployment. Read the article out and play with the source code.  Also if you want some other windows mobile intro level topics, I have a tag called “Getting Started with Windows Mobile” that has everything I’ve learned step by step.

My PDC 2008 Coding4Fun Talk

I had the chance of a life time on Tuesday and got to be a speaker at PDC 2008 with the Coding4Fun talk.  The session had some amazing presenters and was extremely time boxed due to 4 demos in 40 minutes.  I start at 29:18 and talk about TwitterVote.  Some of the other topics are: WiiEarthVR – Brian Peek InnerTube – Dan Fernandez BabySmash – Scott Hanselman For the full video, head over to Channel9.

successful skateboard test

As Microsoft PDC approaches, I’m suppose to show off the skateboard in the Channel 9 lounge area.  I was also asked to submit it for the Show-off contest.  After a week’s worth of tweaking and disappointment, I successfully tested it. Self-balancing Skateboard PDC Show-Off clip from Clint Rutkas on Vimeo It also punched through some drywall again.

O’Rly? or is it O’Reilly?

A button?  Coffee? What ever could the Coding4Fun crew be working on? Technorati Profile

ToDo on codeplex

Launched the ToDo project on CodePlex.  You can download the source in c#, VB and the executable.

Twitter Vote

Twitter Vote is pretty much done.  Seeing if I should add in a few features or not.  Time to start typing like I actually know English. I know the UI could use some TLC but I'm a developer, not a designer.  Yeah, that is my excuse.