Coding4Fun T-Shirt Cannons

Been a tad quiet on the western front and that was due to working on a rather neat project.  I built two robotic t-shirt shooting cannons for the Mix 2010 conference powered by the Windows Phone 7 device. I’ve started a six-part series on Coding4Fun on how to build one of your own.

Final wiring for Drunktender v3

Drunktender v3 Hardware Test from Clint Rutkas on Vimeo. Now on to getting bottles added in, additional drinks in the database, and the WPF application wired up.

Mounting a hard drive on my laptop

I got a portable hard drive and ran into an issue of being afraid to move my laptop while it was running.  I also almost had it drop while giving a presentation which would have been a very bad thing as it was running 2 virtual machines at the time.  This had to be fixed ASAP. With about $4 worth of 3M removable poster mounting Velcro, I was able to mount it and remove it if I chose to.  Here are some pictures.